Andamio, Build Trust.

FC Barcelona + Community management + Using Cardano tech

Using Cardano-native technology to onboard members, train them, encourage contributions, and build their reputation within the Barça fan community.

Andamio Purpose Sidechain / Layer 2 Concept

Implementing a purpose-built Cardano network sidechain with Layer 2 solutions to streamline and secure educational transactions and data management.

Adapting On-Chain Reputation to Catalyst Voices

Contribute to the progress of Catalyst Voices by implementing on-chain, role-based reputation-building capabilities.

Enabling Advanced Contribution and Skills Tracking via APIs

Enabling seamless integration of contribution tracking and token creation capabilities into existing applications via robust API services.

Skills and contribution infrastructure on Cardano

Andamio infrastructure enables skills acquisition and connecting to contribution opportunities to achieve the highest levels of community engagement and efficiency of work.

Developing a Self Sovereign On-chain Identity (SSOI)

Develop a decentralized identity solution on Cardano that grants users full control over their identity while leveraging the blockchain's security and transparency.