SLT 103.3: I can view prerequisites for Learners and Contributors in Andamio.

About Prerequisites

A "prerequisite" is a requirement that must happen before something else can happen. For example, suppose the someone is learning how to ride a bicycle. A prerequisite to riding a bicycle safely could be that a the learner knows how to wear a helmet correctly.

In Andamio, prerequisites serve two purposes.

In the Andamio Course Platform, Course Creators can define prerequisites for each Module. We could say, for example, that completion of Module 101 is a prequisite for completing Module 102. A Module can have one or many prerequisites. For example, the prerequisite for Module 102 can be completion of Module 101, while the prerequisite for Module 201 could be completion of Modules 102 and 103. Prerequisites are optional, and there can be many different pathways for learners in a course. In other words, learners might not have to complete all Modules in order.

Prerequisites also serve a purpose in the Contribution Platform. Andamio Admins can set prerequisites for minting a Contributor token. For example, your organization could set the requirement that anyone with a Learner Token who has completed a certain set of Course Modules is eligable to mint a Contributor token.