SLT 102.3: I can leave a comment on the Andamio whitepaper.

The Andamio Whitepaper

I can leave a comment on the Andamio whitepaper.

Link to Whitepaper

A live draft of the Andamio Whitepaper is published on Notion. The paper is a work in progress, and we are currently working on a public "Version 1.0" of the document.

Everyone is invited to comment on the paper.


View the Andamio Whitepaper on Notion. If you have a free Notion account, you will be able to write comments on the paper. Here is how.

Notion Documentation Drafts + Open for Comment

More generally, the Andamio Team is publishing drafts of documentation on a public Notion site. Here is a link to the Andamio Public Resource repository. We invite you to take a look and ask questions. Later in this course, we'll show you how to contribute formally to Andamio development.

The purpose of the Andamio documentation on Notion is to provide a public space for building documents. When different parts are complete, we publish fully-public versions of the same docs on the site.

Next Steps

As you can see, development of Andamio is happening in public, and our intention is for community members to get involved at whatever level feels inspiring. In the next lesson, we'll list a few more ways that you can get involved.