SLT 102.1: I know the roles participants can play in Andamio.

Andamio Platform Overview

Andamio consists of two platforms that work together:

  1. The Andamio Course Platform
  2. The Andamio Contribution Platform

Each platform can be used independently. Andamio works best when they are used together. Right now, you're viewing a course in the Andamio Course Platform. In Module 101, you learned how to mint a Learner Token and how to commit to an Assignment. Learners are one of the roles in Andamio.

This lesson provides a listing of the other roles. In the rest of the course, we will investigate each role individually, and you will learn about the Course and Contribution platforms.

Course Platform Roles


Learners can commit to Assignments and build on-chain credentials for course completion.


Facilitators review the commitments made by Learners, and can "Approve" or "Deny" assignments.

Course Creator

Course Creators publish course content.

Contribution Platform Roles


Contributors can commit to Projects, earn rewards, and build an on-chain record of project completion.

Decision Maker

Decision Makers review the commitments made by Contributors, and can "Distribute" commitment rewards.


Treasurers manage funds and approved Project lists in an Andamio Treasury.

Platform Comparison

The three roles are similar on each side:

Course CreatorTreasurer

Intended Uses

  1. Build a course
  2. Distribute credentials to learners
  3. Define prerequisites for learning and contribution
  4. Fund Projects
  5. Collaborate + Contribute

Unintended Uses!

What will you do with Andamio? We've built a tool to jumpstart an ecosystem. But what will you do with it? We expect that this platform will with our community. How will we do it? Jump to the next lessons to learn more...