Welcome to Module 101

How to Learn in Andamio

Student Learning Targets

101.1: I can mint an Andamio Learner Token.
101.2: I can commit to an Assignment.
101.3: I can see an on-chain record of my completed Assignment.

The best way to learn about Andamio is by using it. In this Module, you will see how Learners interact with Andamio.

You will need a Cardano Browser wallet (like Nami or Eternl) installed. You will also need to connect your wallet to the Cardano Preproduction Testnet, and get some "Test Ada" from the Cardano Testnets Faucet.

If you have never taken these steps before, learn more at the following links:

  1. Connect a Wallet to Cardano Preproduction Testnet
  2. Get Test Ada from Faucet

It takes about 30 minutes to complete this module. When you're done, you'll be using Andamio on Cardano's Preproduction Testnet.