SLT 101.1: I can mint an Andamio Learner Token.

Mint an Andamio Learner Token

What is an Andamio Learner Token?

Andamio supports individuals and organizations to track learning on the blockchain. Anyone who holds a "Learner Token" can commit to assignments. When an assignment is completed, a course facilitator approves it, and completion of the assignment is stored on-chain.

When your Andamio Learner Token contains evidence of what you have learned, new possibilities emerge. For example, you can commit to deeper, more challenging assignments. After completing necessary prerequisites, you can use your Learner Token to mint a Contributor Token that allows you to commit to projects and earn rewards within an organization.

In this course, we will show you how all of it works. To get started, let's mint your Andamio Learner Token.

Step by Step: How to Mint an Andamio PBL Learner Token

Your Andamio PBL Learner Token will be your record of progress in this course. You can give it any name you'd like. It will be as public as any other NFT, so think carefully about how much privacy you want on-chain. For now, we think that an alias is best.

Step 1: Connect a browser wallet to Cardano Preproduction Testnet

This Andamio PBL course is built on Cardano's Preproduction Testnet, which is often referred to a "Preprod". We are providing this course on Preprod so you can learn about Andamio without spending real Ada. Later in this course, we'll show you how to build an Andamio instance on Cardano Mainnet.

Here is how to connect.

Step 2: Get some Test Ada.

In order to use Andamio, you need some Ada. Because this Andamio instance is working on Preprod, you will need some Test Ada. Navigate to the Cardano Testnets faucet to get some free "tAda".

Step 3: Mint your Learner Token!

Click here to see your Learner Dashboard. After you connect a wallet, you can click the button that says "Mint Your Learner Token". Give it a try!

You will know you are successful if:

  1. You can see your Andamio PBL Learner Token in your Preprod Wallet.
  2. You can see your Andamio PBL Learner Token on this page