About Andamio Course Management

In any Andamio Course instance, there are three roles:

Learners can commit to Assignments and build an on-chain record of accomplishments.

Course Creators publish content and create on-chain references to Course Modules.

Course Facilitators review evidence of learning and approve the completion of Assignments.

Learner Token

Anyone can start learning for free, anytime in an Andamio PBL Course. A Learner Token allows you to create an on-chain record of what you know and can do, and to share it across the Andamio Network and beyond.

Build up a record of accomplishments. Mint Contributor Tokens for projects that interest to you, based on your accomplishments. Engage in decision-making and governace when it matters to you.

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Course Creators

Course Creators build learning modules, and when ready, deploy learning modules on chain.

Each Course Module consists of a set of Student Learning Targets, Lessons, and an Assignment that allows Learners to demonstrate expertise.

Once a Course Module is minted on-chain, Learners can commit to it, and build up their reputation in a learning community.

Course Modules
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Course Facilitators

Course Facilitors can view the commitments made by Learners. Facilitators review evidence, and then approve or deny Assignments.

When a Learner commits to a Course Module, they are prompted to submit evidence that an Assignment is complete. This evidence might relate to on-chain transactions, git contributions, or in-person participation. Course Creators and Facilitators can be creative with the possibilities! As the Andamio Network grows, we will invite you to share your favorite ideas for how Assignments are used.

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