Cardano Go Live Coding Session #002

published: 2024-03-22

by James

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Cardano Go Live Coding meets on Mondays from 1300-1400 UTC.

Adding a New Island to Andamio CLI

We are building Andamio CLI with a Go library called Cobra. Cobra provides boilerplate functionality that makes it quick and easy to build a command-line interface. To structure our weekly live coding sessions, we are building "islands" of activity within Andamio CLI. On each island, we can all try new things: adding functionality and learning how to use different libraries in the Cardano Go developer ecosystem.

In our first session, we created islands for writing data and for querying the blockchain. This week, we added an island for building transactions. We are documenting our islands, as we build them, on Miro:


Building a Simple Transaction

For our first transaction, Professor Mix showed us how to create a simple command for sending lovelace from one wallet to another. Just like our first example of writing metadata and our first query, this is a simple transaction that can be used as a starting point for more interesting (and helpful!) transactions. This was our first experience using the Apollo Library, which provides "Cardano Pure Golang Building Blocks".

In case you missed it, the video is on YouTube:


Up Next:

  • Now that we have some islands to work with, we will define some potential features, add to public Notion Dashboard and Cardano Go Live Coding Miro Board
  • We'll continue to add new experimental islands to andamio-cli by thinking about "sub-islands" (although we might need a better word for these!). For example, andamio-cli transaction might include andamio-cli transaction mint and andamio-cli transaction reference-script.

Follow the project:

  1. Notion page - public dashboard
  2. Andamio CLI on GitHub

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