Catalyst Fund 11, Andamio CLI and Cardano Go PBL

published: 2024-03-08

by James

🎉 The Andamio Team had a proposal funded in Catalyst Fund 11! 🎉

The project is called Open-Source Cardano Go Libraries + Docs + Andamio CLI, and you can read it here. This project is a collaboration Blink Labs and the community developers working on the Apollo library.

One of the project deliverables is a series of weekly community meetings. Another deliverable is a weekly blog series. This post is the first one in our weekly blog series, and we're fired up to announce that the first open project meeting is on Monday 2024-03-11 at 1300 UTC. Meetings will continue on Mondays at 1300 UTC throughout the project.

These meetings will be focused, live coding sessions. If you'd like to join us as we build a new project, from scratch, in public, please stop by.

You can find links to all public Andamio meetings at Everyone is welcome to register for weekly Cardano Go developments sessions via Zoom.

Project Dashboard + Weekly Blog Posts

Throughout the project, we will maintain a public dashboard with links to resources and updates on progress. We will also publish weekly blog posts right here, at

Why We're Building This Way

Andamio is building a set of tools that support learning and contribution across a network of organizations. Our team is also practicing processes that allow people to learn together, to teach others, and to launch more impactful collaborations. Building in public is a great way for people to learn together, build trust, and launch new collaborations.

The first project we will build together is called Andamio Command Line Interface, or Andamio CLI. By doing so, we will create source material for an upcoming Cardano Go Project-Based Learning course.

What's cool about building a CLI is that it's really just a wrapper for any number of smaller programs. These islands of activity are great places for developers to try things and to share what they have learned. We have a lot of ideas for all sorts of services that might be included in Andamio CLI, and we've already been prototyping a few of them behind the scenes. For example, we currently use an early version of Andamio CLI to automate tasks in Andamio development. We'll look to some of these examples when we get started on Monday.

This project represents an important step in how we'll build in public. By the end of it, we will have built both a helpful tool for interacting with the Andamio Network, and a new Project-Based course that teaches Go developers how to build on Cardano. Or Cardano developers to build with Go. Or brand-new developers to build helpful, custom microservices.

What will it be? Let's go find out!

How We'll Get Started

On Monday, 2024-03-11 at 1300 UTC, we'll start by showing how to start a new project with Cobra, we'll start to structure the project by surveying some possibilities, and we'll set up a few islands in which to start our work.